Aluminum Perforated Panel


Aluminum perforated panel is reprocessed on the basis of solid panel, there are mainly two processing methods. One is to punch the solid panel with a fixed ventilation rate mould, the other is to use a CNC milling machine to drill custom-made hole shape and ventilation rate. Perforated panels have a ventilation rate range of 17%-43%. Used in conjunction with the damper, the ventilation rate can be adjusted freely. Perforated panels can be installed and interchanged with solid panels.

Model: AL300-AL1500
Size: 600*600mm
Material: die cast aluminum alloy
Covering: conductive PVC/vinyl, anti static HPL

Aluminum raised floors can be used in the following fields: microelectronics industry (wafer plant, TFT/LCD, packaging and testing, printed circuit boards), semiconductor industry, flat panel display industry, optoelectronics, life science industry, precision engineering and ultra-clean environmental electronics industry.

17%-43% ventilation rate
Patent design with high dimensional accuracy
Light weight and excellent loading capacity
Conductive and static dissipative coverings and coatings
Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields
Excellent rolling load performance
Die cast aluminum panels meet call A1 fire rating
Good performance of waterproof
Pollution and radiation free
Recyclable and economic system
Various pedestals and structure system