Anti static Calcium Sulphate Floor


Anti static calcium sulphate floor is a sandwich structure. Bottom finish is galvanized steel sheet(aluminum foil), top finish are anti-static coverings, such as high pressure laminate (HPL), conductive PVC tile. Enclosing a high strength calcium sulphate board as core. The 4 edges are wrapped with PVC trims as protection.

Model: FS1000-FS2500
Size: 600*600mm
Materials: calcium sulphate core, galvanized steel
Covering: conductive PVC/vinyl, anti static HPL
Installation: stringer system

Computer room, data center, control room, workshop and places where require anti-static environment or have many wires.

Good loading capacity and conductivity
Good sealing and water-proof
Fire-proof , antisepsis and sound insulation
Exceptionally high rolling load capacity
Improved acoustic properties

Covering types
High pressure laminate (HPL) and conductive PVC tile are most 2 popular anti static coverings on raised floor, click and choose the color you prefer.