Integral Trim HPL Raised Floor


Integral trim HPL raised floor, also called black edge trim panel, is a patent raised floor system with special design. The panel can achieve the installation effect of general PVC edge trim panel, while avoiding its disadvantage, which is easy to fall. The HPL has a black layer routed in, it appears when the uppers surface is polished.

Model: FS800-FS2500
Size: 600*600mm, 24”*24”
Materials: steel, cement
Covering: anti static HPL
Installation: stringer system

Data center, computer room, control room, laboratory, post telegraph, power control center, workshop and places where require anti-static environment or have many wires.

Patent design with black layer routed into the HPL
Excellent anti static performance
Flame retardant, anti-skid, anti-rust, anti-soil
Mighty glue, strong wearability, non-bubble, non-degumming
Class A flame spread and smoke development rating