Sensor Fan Assist


Sensor fan assist is a intelligent fan system raised floor, with automatic temperature control fan to provide a blast of cooling, through an individual directional airflow perforated panel. The temperature controlled fan units are available quad fan models. The fan has multiple control options to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling.

Air volume: 2650-4600m3/h
Size: 600*600mm
Materials: perforated panel, EC fan
Installation: stringer system

Data center, computer room, exchange room, communication room, and places require accurate airflow control

Multiple control options for both models available
Quick response temperature measurement
User programmable set point
Viewable peak temp for check of each rack
Fan speed from 0-100% for precise airflow control

Technical data
Guide requirement
15°orientation function.

Air volume
2650-4600m3/h, maximum air volume can be set according to the requirements of the scene.

Power supply
220V 50Hz Floor needed to meet the dual power supply, one way connect to grid, the other way connect to UPS. When the power grid off, it can switch to the UPS power supply automatically

C&D control and display
Control and floor integrated into an organic whole structure, display focused on the floor and it is convenient for people to do patrol inspection.
Fan start temperature, full speed running temperature and alarm temperature can be set according to the requirements of the scene.
With RS485 or Lan interface, satisfied the requirement of the late group control.
Meet the requirements of the Modbus communication protocol.

Temperature sensor
Adopt imported sensor chip. The accuracy of the temperature reached plus or minus 0.1 ℃. A single controller can be configured 1-3 temperature sensors.