ESD Tiles – Conductive PVC Floor


ESD tiles utilizes an conductive network electrostatically, which is formed by the interface of plastic particles. It ensures permanent conductive properties of ESD flooring. The main materials of ESD flooring are polyvinyl chloride resin, conductive materials, stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments and other auxiliary materials. The pattern of a ESD flooring resembles a marble pattern, it has a good decorative effect.

Model: Thickness 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Size: 600*600mm, 610*610mm, 900*900mm

ESD tiles are widely used in clean room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, hospitals, data center & computer room, and other areas that require anti-static or conductive environment

Permanent conductive properties
Excellent dimension stability
More patterns for better decorative effect
Improved ware and ease of maintenance
Fireproof, waterproof and corrosion protection